Websites that actually stand out

Getting your website right is essential to your digital presence. Without the website that your company deserves, everything else that follows will lack the impact you need.

It needs to be fast, scalable, and mobile-friendly.

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It needs to be fast

A slow website is one which won’t get visited twice. Research by Kissmetrics found that a 1 second delay on an E-Commerce site reduces conversions by 7%, and that 47% of shoppers expect a website to load in under 2 seconds.

Since 2010 Google has been measuring page speed - and judging you for it. A slow website is not one it will easily recommend to people using its search engine.

It needs to be scalable

Your website has to react to your needs. It must be able to add a new component, new page, or be ready to deal with the influx of 10,000 new visitors per day.

Tired of a slow response from your current web agency? Feel like just another client waiting for a reply? Communication is key, both during your website build and after with our managed digital marketing services. You’ll feel like the only client in the world when you deal with us.

It needs to be mobile-friendly

Statista estimate that in 2016 there are 42.7 million mobile internet users in the UK. That’s two-thirds (66.6% exactly) of the entire population browsing the internet on a small screen. 33.2 million of them are m-commerce (mobile commerce) buyers.

In a digital world where your website is slow to load or difficult to read on a small screen, how long do you think a user will stay on your website?

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