Website development

With over 10 years experience in building websites, we can help take your brief from concept to execution. Take a look below at all the features included in websites we build.


We build exclusively with WordPress, the most versatile CMS on the planet. From single-page to huge E-Commerce sites, WordPress can handle it.

Expert Hosting

A new website is just the beginning. Turbo charge your website with our hosting and support plans. Read more

Custom Design

There's nothing worse than having a website that looks like every other website. We build all our sites from scratch, with bespoke designs.


Slow websites are the Number 1 killer of conversions and user traffic. We make sure all our client websites load incredibly fast!


We can work with 3rd party platforms (such as Stripe's payment gateway) to give your website the added functionality you need.

SEO Ready

When we build your website, we'll make sure it has the ability for you to add Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve it's rankings.


Don't take chances with your user's privacy and data. We ensure all websites are secure and use the HTTPS protocol (that green padlock).


The majority of web traffic today is on mobile, so we'll make sure your website looks as great on mobile as it does on desktop.

Hosting & Support

When you host your website with us, we look after your site through its lifetime with a support contract that suits you. Take a look below how we help our clients.


Daily backups to ensure that no matter what goes wrong, your data is protected and your site quickly re-deployed.


Websites require constant updates to stay secure. We take care of WordPress core and plugin updates on a weekly basis, with automatic security updates.

Uptime Monitor

We run automated monitoring services on your site to check for downtime. If it goes offline, we take action to restore it.

Telephone Support

Got a question? You can always reach us on the phone, and there are no stupid questions. You can reach us now on 0208 4322 320.

Our Clients

Take a look at some of our past and present clients below. We’re proud to have worked with each of them.

Work with us

The Team

What drives our team is the sense of teamwork we get with our clients, the sense of inclusion where our success is linked to their success. We each get up every morning and try to be our best selves, both professionally and personally, and provide the best service to our clients.

Managing Director

Darren Pinder

Darren founded Vatu in 2008 and has been the driving force behind the day-to-day development work at the company.

Darren’s background is technical in nature, with experience in website design and development, digital marketing, and exhibition marketing. He is a fan of technology, reading, running, and is powered by strong coffee.

Account Manager

Charlotte Pinder

Charlotte's role at Vatu includes ensuring effective communication among all parties, from clients to designers and programmers.

Charlotte's our exerpeienced account manager, so if you have any questions about working with Vatu, get in touch! She's also into her distance running and charity work.

Web Developer

Natalie Smith

Our latest addition, Natalie, is a dog-loving, coffee-drinking developer living in London. Having worked as a freelance designer and developer prior to joining the Vatu team, Natalie has plenty of experience building websites for small businesses across a variety of industries.

When away from the laptop, Natalie enjoys hanging out with her dog, reading, cooking for friends and learning new things.

Freelance Web Developer

Sydney Alcala

Sydney is a web designer and developer living on the beach in Texas, where she spends her days building websites and doing SEO. She loves fly fishing, animals, and watching too much Netflix.

GDPR/Data Protection Consultant

Jenny Fay

Jenny is an experienced GDPR/Data Protection Consultant. With a background in Records Management and law, she helps clients navigate their way through the provisions of the new GDPR legislation by providing services such as audit, document drafting and training. She loves her garden and Pilates.

Office Manager


She'll growl, she'll bark, she'll roll over for belly tickles.

By day she's an ordinary dog guarding the Vatu office, by night she writes code and comes up with all of our best ideas. Millie is the brains and the good looks behind our operation, and she never lets us forget it.

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