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Having a great website is the first step to success. But it’s just that - a first step. Let’s take the rest of the journey together. We call shotgun.

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You need to be social

Businesses today are starting to realise that it's a necessity to have a social presence if you sell to consumers - and even to some businesses! If you're a personality, brand, company, then you need to take your presence online, where your target audience lives.

Having an active social presence can not only be good for selling, but also for improving your digital marketing and brand building, even for your SEO efforts.

You need great content

The phrase "Content is king" is widely overused in our industry, however it does hold a great deal of truth. Think about how your target market will find you online - by a search engine (finding your content), by a social media profile (again, content), by a link referral (linking to your content).

If you don't have great content, people won't find your site. Not to mention content's importance in successful link earning and search engine marketing.

You need spot-on SEO

Having a website is great, but alone it won't get very far. Even having great content won't be enough unless that content is influenced and informed by solid SEO research.

On-site SEO is a very large and important part of digital marketing, with hundreds of focus points; it's how search engines can truly understand what your website is about, and you can tell them why they should be sending visitors to your site above all others.

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