What drives the people behind the company?

What drives our team of web designers and marketers is the sense of teamwork we get with our clients, the sense of inclusion where our success is linked to their success. We each get up every morning and try to be our best selves, both professionally and personally, and provide the best service to our clients.

Get to know us

Darren Pinder

Managing Director, Head Techie

Darren’s background is technical in nature, with experience in website design, online marketing, and digital technology; hence his job title, “Head Techie”.

Darren is the driving force behind the day-to-day development work at the company, and he’s involved in all aspects of creation for Vatu’s clients.

If you ever have a technical problem with your website, Darren is your man. He is also a fan of technology, reading, running, and is powered by strong coffee.

Gareth Lewis

Client Management and Strategy Boffin

Gareth’s extensive background in marketing and business operations help him make Vatu and its clients successful, earning him the title “Strategy Boffin”.

His experience ranges from marketing, operations, accounting, training, and social media. This makes him as versatile as a Swiss army knife, and just as sharp!

If you are looking for someone to bounce ideas off or find out what your marketing plan is missing, then Gareth is your man. He is also a rugby-mad Welshman!


Office Manager, Eater of Biscuits

She’ll growl, she’ll bark, she’ll roll over for belly tickles. There’s nothing Millie won’t do in her quest to become Super Dog. By day she’s an ordinary dog guarding the Vatu office, by night she fixes all of Darren’s mistakes and comes up with all of Gareth’s ideas. Millie is the brains and the good looks behind our operation, and she never lets us forget it.

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